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bilingual & multilingual books for children of all ages

Why bilingual and multilingual children perform better?

Research indicates that bilingual children show certain advantages in social understanding and cognitive processing.See below what experts are saying.

Bilingualism in the early years: what the science says

Multilingual and bilingual children: Q&As

Raising multilingual kids is more than language learning

Who we are

Diogo and Kristin are parents of a multilingual child.He is Portuguese and she is German, they met in Australia, lived in Spain, and now reside in the UK.With a close link to family living in Germany and Portugal, it is important for them that their child learns their mother tongues so they can speak with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins that do not speak English.And they believe this will help their child better absorb their parents' cultural background.

Why we do this

Diogo and Kristin realised from early on, that there was a shortage of trilingual books on the market, so they decided to research, write books, develop other ideas and help other families in the same situation.This is a website for all those multicultural families facing the same challenges or interested in getting those languages across to their children from early on.

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We encourage you to read the book in multiple languages, let your little one "connect the dots" and develop their understanding and awareness in multiple languages.

  • You can order any languages you like, just let us know which combination is the right one for you

  • It can be bilingual or trilingual, as you prefer

  • A compelling and inclusive storyline with diverse characters

  • Original aquarela artwork, purpose-made by a Portuguese artist

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Get in touch with us in case:

  • Your language is not available yet

  • You are in a similar position and would like to exchange ideas with the rest of the community

  • You have any other suggestions or recommendations

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One book, three languages

bilingual & multilingual books for children of all ages